Ways to Organize Your Life

organize your life so that you can have more free time

organize your life so that you can have more free time

What would your life be like

if you were even better organized?  


A checklist system

can help you to organize your life.



"Living well is the best revenge," George Herbert once famously said, and – in a way – it really is true. Though revenge is perhaps not the best use of your limited time on earth, it is true that when you have excellent health you have everything.

Excellent health is pure potentiality because great health forms the foundation upon which nearly everything worthwhile is built in your life.

what would you do with more free time?

what would you do with more free time?

What Would You Do With More Free Time?

If you ask most people what they would do with their time if they were less busy, most will have answers such as:

"I'd finally start taking better care of myself -- maybe take up biking, learn how to eat better..."


"there's a new yoga studio in the neighborhood I've been meaning to check out,"


"I'd take my grandkids for long walks."

You would probably have a similar answer, too.

The reason our answers to that question all sound similar is because, somewhere deep-down inside, we all know that these two things are true:

  • when we have excellent health, we have everything
  • the trick to taking better care of ourselves is to first start using our time more effectively

No matter how bleak things may seem to you on any given day or in any given moment, if you have great physical health then your life is already prosperous and hope-filled and your dreams are realizable.

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Where Your Time Really Goes

About three times a year I track how I spend my time. I do this for a few days so that I can get an accurate sense of where my time goes. (You can download a free spreadsheet for time-tracking here.) I think of it as a "time tune-up."

Today, I'm encouraging you pay close attention to how your time is spent.

When we track how we actually spend time during an average day, we often discover that where we thought our time was going is different than where it really goes.

When you look at your time objectively in this way, you are better able to re-prioritize your activities – spending more time on your core competencies (those activities that bring you the largest return) and health protocols, and deleting (or delegating) those activities that offer the least return.

How to Declutter Your Life

Clutter is the culprit! A cluttered life soaks up free time like a dry, thirsty sponge!

By clutter, I don't just mean a messy garage (although, that is clutter). "Clutter" means the noise, distractions, and chaos of modern life.

There can be so much reactivity in modern life. We spend our days reacting to distractions without even realizing it. But you can declutter your daily lifestyle and experience more joy and serenity than every before. Here's how it works: in order to live longer and live better, you've got to live smarter.

The reason that smart and healthy people often seem to be working toward some self-care goal is because they understand that some of their lifestyle habits could always be fine-tuned.

Living smarter means to organize your life is such a way that you are filled with joy, energy, and excellent health. One essential aspect of this is to optimize your time for maximum efficiency.

Finding the right productivity system can help you to live smarter so that you can direct more time and energy to what-matters-most in your life. In order to improve your self-care and increase your health protocols, you have to find the time and energy for it and find the schedule that works best for you.

The Essential Connection between Longevity and Being Organized

In today's modern world, most of us feel drained -- like we're being pulled from all sides. This is the ultimate energy-zapper, and it leaves us overwhelmed, blurring our priorities, and making us resistant to change ...even when that change could be greatly beneficial.

I feel passionately about helping others to understand, that in order to live longer and more joyfully, it helps to be organized.

"...making a list felt like a chore but I am now understanding how important lists are. My life is becoming clutter-free and I get more accomplished throughout the day because the lists suggested by Dane are helping me be more productive in my personal and business life. Quotidian List is my favorite! Trust me, it will change your life!"                                            

                         ~ Doina Oncel, Solutions Specialist for Non-Profits 

Good organizing creates family time.

Good organizing creates family time.

After the age of 40, we want to thrive: we want to be energetic, vigorous, healthy and passionate. Before 40, you don't have to think about it much. After 40, however, you must have a conscious strategy if you're going to thrive and be fit!

More Free Time Means Better Self-Care

Look, the bottom line is this: longevity requires self care. And self-care requires time and energy. Efficiency systems and productivity tools are keys to freeing up the time and energy necessary for improved self-care.

Efficiency can also be integrated into the self-care protocols themselves, freeing up even more time to spend with your friends and loved-ones and doing those activities you feel passionately about.

"Live with Intention. Create a happy, balanced life. We all want this, right?  Dane’s tips and techniques are a great way to reduce stress and be more productive.  I’m a list maker, and follow a daily plan. But, sometimes things get in the way of completing my daily list.  I really like thinking of my daily list as organic and always improving.  If you aren’t a list-maker – he provides simple principles that will make a positive difference"                                                

                                        ~ Margie Arnett, University Professor

When something is sufficiently fulfilling, there’s no need to conceive of it as something that will be judged or graded. You weren’t graded on your first kiss – that wasn’t the motivation! The same holds true for improving your personal productivity. I’m not promising you the magic of a first kiss; but I am promising you something that is rewarding unto itself – and shouldn’t feel like work!  


Posted on March 9, 2014 .