4 Ways to Get Healthier than You've Ever Been Before

What if your thoughts and beliefs
determine the condition of your own body?
Here are 4 ways to get super healthy from the inside out!

We sometimes feel that we're being sabotaged at every turn.

We plan for better habits, yet roadblocks to our increased success bolt-up (though minutes before we saw only open highway ahead). 

We wait, tapping our fingers and muttering under our breath -- about the road crew, or the city, or whomever else may have caused yet another gridlock situation.

We wonder:

  • when will everything finally go my way?
  • when will I finally get myself into great shape?

We don't want to see the truth of it:  we placed those blocks on the road ourselves while we were sleepwalking the night before.

Create a Healthier Body by Training Your Mind First

how to get healthy

how to get healthy

Human beings are masters of unconscious self-sabotage. But the good news is, when we make up our minds about something we can accomplish anything.

"...rearranging bricks on a fundamentally shaky foundation will never make for a lasting house"

When you realize that health is the foundation upon which all good things are built (I mean, when you fully realize it -- when you decide that excellent health is your number-one priority, and you mean it), then it's a matter of action steps and time before you will be healthier than you have ever been before!

"...this process, done consistently, will activate the unconscious part of your psyche to seek solutions on your behalf"

4 Methods for Getting Super Healthy from the Inside Out

Yes, an excellent diet and consistent exercise are still the most important external lifestyle habits, but if you want those habits to stick, then you need to make some internal shifts first.

Jack Canfield is an author and specialist in personal power, and these 4 ways are inspired by his prosperity teachings. Use them to good health!

1. Be All In. Decide that You Want to Be Super Healthy

Put the power of your unconscious mind to work for you, even while you sleep! When your unconscious mind knows that your conscious mind is serious about something, it lends a helping hand!

2. Twice a Day, Picture Yourself as Super Healthy

After you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night, close your eyes and allow your breath to go slow and deep. Visualize yourself in your mind's eye as the picture of perfect health, then feel how it will feel to be super strong and energized. This process, done consistently, will activate the unconscious part of your psyche to seek solutions on your behalf.

3. Read Inspirational Materials

Turn off those dark TV crime procedurals -- too much of that stuff pollutes your mind. Find some favorite websites and get some books that uplift and enrich your life! Educate yourself with motivational media. On my nightstand right now, I have Finding Ultra by Rich Roll, a memoir about training for the elite Ultraman competition after the age of 40!

"external events are symptomatic of internal habits"

Improving your own health becomes much easier – and much more effective – when you learn to see yourself as whole system.

4. Make Friends with Super Healthy People

People either enhance your energy or they drain it. Period. Surround yourself with new friends who have amazing habits of self-care!

The External You and The Internal You

internal change

internal change

Many people, when they feel motivated enough to try to change their health will generally start by trying to address their external self.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for change of habits. Eating better and exercising more are an enormous part of what instantDane.tv is all about. However, rearranging bricks on a fundamentally shaky foundation will never make for a lasting house. If we don't look at the core -- the internal -- the external shifts will likely be fleeting.

This is the reason diets don't work; this is the reason I advocate permanent lifestyle enhancements.

External events are symptomatic of internal habits. Changing a physical habit without changing the sponsoring thought-process is like painting brown leaves green. The tree might look better for a while, but the root disease still exists.

A Holistic Approach to: You

Our culture has become accustomed to believing that there's one thing that we can do to dramatically improve our health – one popular diet or one new pill, for example.

In reality, the human body is a brilliantly complex system and often the best way to heal and strengthen it, is to recognize ourselves as a WHOLE system (trying to improve on a single part of that system with one dramatic gesture is often not as effective as gradually making small improvements to all its parts).

In the above video, I share with you a mind trick for permanently improving your health: taking a holistic approach.

You've likely noticed that cleanses and juice fasts are popular right now. And while these are often a good idea for detoxifying and resting the digestive organs, it's a short-term undertaking.

(Sometimes, the moment people stop a particular fast, they then binge on their old unhealthy comfort-foods that they've been missing -- which can put them in a worse place than before they started the cleanse! This is why, these days, if I do a cleanse, I do it under the supervision of my medical doctor and/or my naturopath.)

I abhor "diets." Instead, I'm a big believer in lifestyle upgrades.

Lifestyle upgrades are the result of slowly incorporating (and tweaking) little self-care protocols into your routine. 

And when you stack enough small good habits, the cumulative effect is to eventually look and feel fantastic -- and, even better: to permanently improve your health.

Lasting success is achieved in incremental stages. So, for example, by doing one little thing each week to improve and deepen your sleep,

  • and then one little thing each week to release stress
  • one little thing to improve your daily nutritional regimen
  • one little thing to improve your spine
  • one little thing to improve your breathing

..the total effect of these tiny improvements will be greater than the sum of their parts, leading to exponential effects on your well-being!

And notice that those examples I just gave aren't limited to only your diet or only your exercise regimen. 

That's because a holistic approach to your health means addressing all aspects of you -- nutrition and exercise, yes, but also money, relationships, and personal development. 

This means facilitating disease prevention as well as improving your daily quality of life and overall happiness.

And because these changes are so small and gradual, they can actually be quite simple to implement.

Sometimes, we go through our day on a sort of auto-pilot. Everybody does that sometimes, and that's okay. It can take a little practice to begin to see yourself more holistically.

So throughout the rest of today, I invite you to become more aware of how you operate. 

Periodically check-in with how you're breathing, sitting, moving, thinking, feeling, eating. Not to judge yourself of course, but to witness objectively all the different parts of your day that may be future opportunities for improved health!

Your External is a Manifestation of Your Internal

Ultimately, one must figure out what he or she genuinely believes and recognize the connection between those beliefs and what the world is presenting. Carl Jung called this process individuation. Abraham Maslow called it self-actualization. The idea is to notice that you're sleepwalking to the highway ahead of time and erecting roadblocks, and then -- after you've had that awareness -- find out why you're doing it.

You'd think that as a fitness professional the important thing I could do for others is to coach their workouts. But perhaps the most helpful thing I do for others is to help them prepare their minds and organize their daily lifestyles in such a way that excellent health and increased prosperity are inevitable.

Posted on March 3, 2014 and filed under Longevity Science.