Dane Findley is an international relocation specialist.  Dane works with his partner David helping people buy and sell luxury lifestyle properties in warm-weather climates. Many of their clients are people currently overseas who want to add a Southern California or Hawaiian home to their real estate portfolio.

In his free time, Dane enjoys writing health articles and he curates this site, instantDane.tv – an online community for creative types over 50 who want to improve their daily quality of life.

Dane holds a masters degree in counseling depth psychology.

Dane Findley behind-the-scenes, shooting lifestyle content for instantDane.tv.

Dane Findley behind-the-scenes, shooting lifestyle content for instantDane.tv.

“Among life’s finer sights is a person enjoying what he’s doing with his life. It delivers a bearing and an attitude that is hard to fake and it allows the person a kind of grace and resilience even in tough times.

If you have not already done so, meet Dane Findley. He does good work and sets us a good example.

You could do much worse than fill in your life’s white spaces with such people. (Place them in those spots freed-up because you finally cut loose some of the people who were just drains upon you. Yeah?)”
— Alvin Stearns

10 Facts About Dane Findley:


  • free updates shoot out each week – each one features a specific strategy that you can use to move toward better health and a more joyful life.



  • wellness coach and fitness educator – workshops, classes and private training for Boomers; has worked as a professional trainer for decades; fitness enthusiast who likes Pilates, Yoga, and CrossFit.


  • born and raised in California – fascinated by super nutrition and healthful eating.


  • nerdiest hobby is researching the science behind improving personal productivity.


  • fan of dark chocolate.


  • one Saturday afternoon as a boy, happened to see on television a broadcast of the old Tony Curtis/Debbie Reynolds movie The Rat Race. While viewing, it occurred to Dane for the first time that he was a "creative type."



  • producing quality, original online campaigns for a variety of lifestyle-related topics; social curator and community manager – facilitating conversations in which solutions emerge.



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