Healthy Relationships

The research has proven it, time and time again: a healthy life has healthy relationships.

But what makes a relationship healthy?

By continually upgrading our communication skills, we can develop deep and satisfying relationships that lead to a balanced life and healthy living.

Additionally, by consistently improving our social talents we can make our business relationships more enjoyable and prosperous.

Reciprocal relationships increase your prosperity and improve your own health! Creating and growing healthy relationships is one of the primary reasons we are on the planet — it is our spiritual purpose. Good relationships also help you stay committed to the healthy eating habits and workout plan that will transform your life.

These articles, podcasts and videos provide you with the information and inspiration you need to create healthy relationships in your own life. 

Why The Universe is Responding to Your Words and Thoughts

Emotions and consciousness vibrate on a higher frequency than tactile objects. The universe is reading your feelings.

6 Ways to Live More Passionately

Each of these 6 methods can increase the passion in your own life. Combine all six to infuse your life with maximum joy!

2 Mind Techniques Help Reveal Your Life's Purpose

The more honest with ourselves we become, the more is revealed about how and where our meaning and joy will be experienced. Here’s how to tell what aspects of yourself you are welcoming and what parts are being turned away at the door.

Life in Abundance: How Relationships Grow Your Prosperity

The more people you know – and the more positive and excited you are about knowing them – the more readily you will manifest increased wealth.

Andropause: How Men Age – Podcast 1

If you are male and over the age of 38, you need to know what andropause is.

17 Ways to Remove Negativity from Your Daily Life

Our health improves when we eliminate negative self-talk and think more positive thoughts. Here's how to upgrade the soundtrack of your own mind.

Why the Best Investment Is in Your Own Health

When you enjoy perfect health, anything else is ultimately possible in your life. Here's how to create your own personal wellness team to make excellent health a daily reality.

Can Kids Learn the Importance of Healthy Living?

Though early childhood mortality rates are way down, children have never been less healthy in the US.

How Romantic Partners Exchange Energy

Are you yin or yang? Emphasizing one of these inner energies could make all the difference in your romantic relationship.