Dane Findley

Hi, I'm Dane Findley. I am a quality-of-life advocate fascinated by the ways in which humans can raise the level of comfort, meaning, and health in their daily lives. 

I curate five websites:

1. Life Quality Examiner

I am Editor of the popular (and free) Quality of Life Newsletter. Each issue features a specific happiness strategy to help bring one's joy to the next level. Subscribers also instantly receive a bonus copy of my new report "The Technique: how to use Checklists to get Seriously Organized."

2. Over Fifty and Fit

I have been a professional fitness trainer for decades and I also hold a masters degree in Counseling Depth Psychology. I've combined my deep interests in evidence-based exercise and the science of positive habits – and created an uncommonly effective system for helping clients reach a new feeling of wellness and strength in their own lives. I have a fully equipped pilates studio in my training facility and I also provide anyone who asks a free copy of my booklet "5 Best Smoothie Recipes for a High-Energy Lifestyle."

3. Estate Homes LA

This is my main job. My partner David and I help those seeking to buy and sell lifestyle properties – high concept estate homes for those who live boldly and follow their dreams.

We are house-matchmakers, and enjoy assisting international clients who are relocating or adding to their real estate portfolio from overseas (even as a kid I was enthralled with the idea of open-air living and dreamt about living year-round in a fair weather climate; consequently, I possess an unusual amount of real estate knowledge about investing in places like the Southwestern United States – including Hawaii).

For those who ask, I provide a copy of my free report "Best Year of Your Life: 52 Weekly Strategies for taking Your Health and Happiness to the Next Level."

4. instantDane.tv

This is the website you're at now. It contains over one hundred articles, videos, and podcasts to entertain and inspire you (see site categories below this article). 

What I enjoy most about running online communities is that I get to facilitate conversations in which solutions emerge. These websites have become valuable forums to engage the collective wisdom of the tribe – to discover, develop and share the blueprint for a long and fulfilling life. It continues to be very rewarding work for me. I've learned that when we humans build and strengthen connections and develop healthy relationships, it enriches our personal and professional lives. 

5. BestSmoothie.recipes

I launched this website because I get asked more questions about freshly made green smoothies than almost any other topic. Life is funny! The site grows in popularity each month as many people discover that their blenders can help them at last reach that once-elusive goal of sneaking more vegetables into their daily diet. The big idea here is that accelerated aging is caused by inflammation, and inflammation can be radically diminished by making key nutritional and lifestyle improvements. I provide the free, 1-page cheat sheet "Shopping for Green Smoothie Ingredients."

Also among my favorite things in life, is to be presented with opportunities:

  • do you want help with a project?
  • do you have an idea for a strategic partnership or alliance? 

You can email me directly:  dane [at] instantdane.tv