6 Ways to Live More Passionately

Each of these 6 methods can increase the passion in your own life. Combine all six to infuse your life with maximum joy!

Is Your Current Weight a Healthy Weight?

The mirror deceives! Many of us think we're thinner than we really are, while others see fat where there is none. Each human is different, and your ideal weight is whatever ratio of fat-to-muscle helps your own body perform uniquely well.

2 Mind Techniques Help Reveal Your Life's Purpose

The more honest with ourselves we become, the more is revealed about how and where our meaning and joy will be experienced. Here’s how to tell what aspects of yourself you are welcoming and what parts are being turned away at the door.

Top 10 Ways to Become a Stronger Person

Here are ten effective methods for becoming a stronger and healthier person that you can get started on right away.